let’s get this party started

I get that.  I spend the better part of every day painting or sketching or preparing work for a show. That’s right. I do this for a living. Now, I may produce art, but I surely don’t pretend to be an expert on art. Art and art appreciation is a very personal topic. Just because scads of art critics rave about a piece of art is no indication that you would ever want to own it. And let’s face it, most of the raved about art pieces are well beyond your budget.

Self portrait (the original selfie)

Self portrait (the original selfie)

It’s no wonder looking for some art to display in your home wears you out. It was easy when your tastes ran to celebrities in sports or entertainment. Those long ago, well maybe not so long ago, posters were like a merit badge on your wall stating your membership in scattered fan bases across the country.

Well, how’s this for an idea? Instead of focusing on what “prints” are for sale in Target or some other big box store, what if you focus on art work that you appreciate? Original art purchases are one of a kind. You are the only owner of that particular piece. If you discover an artist that has a style you really like, you can become a collector. Don’t be surprised if a few of your friends follow suit.

The exclusive  clubs in life are chosen by the members. Collecting the works of one, two or three local artists is a conscious decision. It truly is a way to “Make America Great Again”.  Oh, and after you purchase, you won’t regret it.  Well done art only increases in value as time goes by. Your piece can not be duplicated.

That’s what The DC Downlow is all about. I like to think of it as a easy guide to the art world.  It is about paintings of the streets, the traffic, the neighborhoods, the bars, the restaurants, the shops and the quirky things about art in the DC metro area.

Art on!