Delectable Dining ….. Gastronomical Delights …. Don’t miss H St NE

h st street carH Street NE is a destination for those seeking the finest dining, the hippest bars and cafes for good conversation. Don’t mind the ever present street cars to nowhere. In the space of a dozen or so blocks, you can sample food from all corners of the world. That pesky street car can be used to traverse one end of H St to the other, but unless you live real close, you won’t be taking it home. If you are a resident, take pride, those are your tax dollars at work.

Let’s talk food, shall we? Top of the list is Ocopa  If you like authentic Peruvian cuisine, this is a must stop. Never had Peruvian? You have to try it. You’ll be back again and again. Chef Carlos Delgado has taken great care to be sure his spot is long on flavor and he delivers a coup d’egrat with every entree. No, you won’t spend an arm and leg for the meal, but enough Pisco and you may linger longer. Take my word that this is a great spot (Mi esposa Peruana)

Next on the list is Po Boy Jims. “Po Boy’s that range from traditional favorites to unexpected combinations that are sure to keep your taste buds interested.”. Now, I don’t disagree, but I might add that at least once you have to have the gumbo. Nahlins could not do it better. Po Boy Jims is must stop.

We move on to Micho’s Lebanese Grill Let’s talk about the main man, Micho. He studied culinary arts in Lebanon and is the sole grandchild of a famous chef and first Lebanese cookbook author Mr. Yousef Abi-Aad. Jad has been in the restaurant industry since he was 17. He’s the glue that holds the operation together. “Pops.” He’s the mastermind. The results are devoured daily. 7 varieties of Pitas and 4 different versions of platters offer a mix and match gastronomical feast. Danny Thomas never had it so good.

Have to include the French on H, Le Grenier offers wonderful meals and a certain romantic ambiance that is not found in many restaurants in the city. One nice feature is the brunch. Tasty baguettes that melt in your mouth. My favorite is the French Onion Soup. This may be the best date spot on H St NE.

One more food spot. Pizza. Now, it was hard, but I personally visited each pizza shop in the H St corridor. Some I visited twice. I wanted to be sure that the pie factory I shared here met the highest of standards. Hands down, Pizza parts & service is the best of all. Every ingredient is combined to create the most marvelous pie. The dough is just right, the sauce wonderful and the combination of cheeses melted to perfection create a pie to remember. Highly recommended.

Of course, there is lots of new construction, condos, etc going up in the H St area. I put together a link of all the available properties within one half mile of H St NE. To be sure, it will not have everything on the market. New construction is another animal. If you want to know about any of it, call, text or email.